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Hot naughty blonde Brittany from is a naked oily teen dressed up in pretty white stockings.  I imagine it would have been hard keeping the pantry full as this delectable babe was coming into her womanhood.  Doubtlessly her main hobby in her early years was lubing up those glorious supple jugs of joy mounted upon her chest with whatever oils or liquids she could get her hands on.  Truly these beautiful supple medium sized tits are as wonderfully suited for an afternoon spent just rubbing lubricant into as any boobs you could ever hope to encounter.

Not that such sublime breasts would ever require any sort of accentuation to be appreciated; even dry as a bone they are clearly several grades above most any tits you might come across on a given day (pun intended).  But it would also be hard to deny that their soft voluptuous fullness perched on her slender torso isn’t somehow meant to be slathered in baby oil and just played with for hours on end.  Even solo this girl seems appreciative of the gift of chesty abundance she has and yearns to make use of the fun it can provide.

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